1919 Illinois 17 jewel conversion, burnt orange and lime strap, 100 years old but completely reborn. All watches listed on this page are purely examples of previously sold watches. We will list watches for sale on our Facebook page so please follow us to keep up to date.  

Display boxes and Straps

Rodger makes these custom leather display boxes. They are made to order and are designed to match the watch strap. They are either single or double meaning they can have a compartment to house the original watch case or single for only the watch. 

An example of Dion's straps and the stitching. These are made to order and come in a a variety of styles and color options.  


Another example of the straps 

Some of the work involved

All the watches are serviced during the conversions. This often involves making or finding new parts and ensuring the watch is running properly and it is clean. 


When we find a watch that has its original case we keep all the parts as is. We will then make a new stem and crown so the watch can always be converted back in the future. 

We have had cases engraved in the past this is an example of the engraving work that can be done as an option.


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